The Library

On an autumn time wandering about it hangs on as a thought and sends you towards dear places to discover a legend which awaits for you.

Same as a poem, soon as the first whiff of cold covers up the city’s air, we lead our steps to places of tell-tales. Only such places hide unmingled chapters by the sand time glass.

The boem atmosphere perfectly entwines with the sweet éclat of a second home.

Such a scenery enchants your soul right in the heart of the sea-kissed city. The old pub is sheltered in a rehabilitated historical mansion, the building being the city’s old market back in the days, having a history of over 100 years. The fascination of the world that we discover when entering the doors of time is first held by the vintage chapped flooring and the patinated objects that are to be observed throughout the pub like some sort of witnesses of ancient pages.

The details and the ornaments give you the impression of a myriad library especially created to meet your guests and soul mates. As a testimony, there are hundreds of volumes of prose and poetry that accompany your journey through the location.

You can gloat over the charm of the place not only through the sweet staves of the tunes but also through the fine preparations of the master chefs. The menu is carefully portrayed , depicting fresh beer which quenches your thirst along hot meals and hand-made foods by using own recipes.

If home is the place where you feel your heart beating and vibrating , this is the place where you bring your soul close to your friends and the dear ones.

Let’s chant about the beautiful, dear friend!